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Men's Skin Care

There is no age set for starting a skin care routine, so you can never be too old or too young to take care of your skin nor it is a matter that has to be gender specific or gender appropriate. Since we all are humans and possess a layer of cells on the outside which protects us from the external pollutants and other hazards, this protective layer too requires attention and care. The only way one can take care of their skin and look presentable even when they are aging is through following a skin care routine religiously – otherwise maintaining that face can become difficult, not just for you but for your pocket too.

So how do you manage a skin care routine, if you are a person who possesses a XY chromosome?

Well, in all honesty it’s relatively easier for men to maintain a skin care routine as compared to women, because of the layers of make-up that they have to fight with…

First things first, identify your skin type before you dive into applying all sorts of creams, lotions and similar products on your face or body. Your skin can range from being sensitive to normal or dry skin. After deciding upon your skin type you can shop for products accordingly.

Then, set a three step process which will make up your skin care routine. Yet again, it will comprise of cleansing, exfoliating, shaving, repairing, and finally moisturizing.

Cleansing has to be done once a day at least to get rid of the buildup, impurities and sweat which gathers up on your skin like a fine layer of frosting. However, while cleansing make sure the products you are using are not harsh, instead go for products that are organic or have glycolic and salicylic acid. Cleansing will open up pores and remove impurities.

Exfoliating skin a must because in a way it is a deep cleansing; as it removes the dead skin cells and residue that was not removed during cleansing. You never want to moisturize dead skin, that will get you no where. Moreover, its ideal to exfoliate skin before shaving as it makes the shave easier and smooth. However, the perception of deep cleansing and the satisfaction of cleaning something completely can make you overdo your skin with a exfoliator so make sure your exfoliator is gentle with no harsh chemicals. For best results you can use the new Boyface Daily Exfoliating cleanser, as it cleanses and exfoliates the skins at the same time- and it’s a must for Men! It’s plant based and Paraben free.

For best results on your skin, shave immediately after shower, use post shaving treatment products . Then repair your skin with a firming cream or vitamin C serum. You can even use a eye-firming serum.

Then you know the drill, moisturize it all you want because dry skin means nothing more than a welcome proposal to fine lines and wrinkles and worst- sagging skin. Look for true moisturizing ingredients in your products like glycerin and shea butter.

And if even after doing all this you have some underlying skin issues, book an appointment with a dermatologist asap!