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Skin Care for Men

Although there is still a lot of stigma attached to men taking care of their skin, it’s high time when people stopped being sexist about things so personal and fundamental to every human. As an initiative we bring you a skin care routine exclusively designed for men so that they can have a healthy looking skin without feeling embarrassed about it.

Skin Care for Men

Let’s just begin with a little insight into your skin. Fact number 1. men’s skin is not the same as women. Fact number 2. it’s actually a lot harder than women. Fact number 3. although a man’s skin is different from a woman’s , men do have the same skin types ranging from sensitive skin to combination skin, but that certainly does not mean you can use women skin care products – because you get to have your own range of skin products designed especially for men!

So, start off by identifying your skin type:

  1. Sensitive skin may be prone to rashes and burns after using any products on it.
  2. Normal skin doesn’t have any complications it’s just regular skin.
  3. Dry skin is flaky, itchy and prone to irritation.
  4. Oily skin is greasy and acne prone.
  5. Combination skin is a mixture of oily and dry skin.

Skin Type

After identifying your skin type go for a little shopping spree; buying the most suitable skin care products depends on your skin type. For example, If you have a skin that gets irritated easily or if you have acne go for cleansers and moisturizers that are oil free and non comedogenic i.e. they have non clogging properties.

Now let’s start with the routine:

  1. Say no to soaps from today, no matter how long they have existed and how prehistoric they seem but it’s time to bid them farewell and welcome mild facial cleansers and face wash. So wash your face with luke warm water after waking up and after working out, this will cleanse off any dead skins from the night before and after work out it will prevent your pores from clogging. Soap
  2. Watch that razor. Shaving too close to skin often leads razor bumps and ingrown hair so try using a single blade razor. Furthermore, use a moisturizing shaving cream instead of a regular one if you have dry skin that gets patchy after shave.
  3. After cleansing your face, it’s time for moisturizing. Moisturizers trap water in your skin and prevent it from appearing dull and aged. So if you want to keep those fine lines and wrinkles away for a year or so then start your skin care routine from today! Moisturize Today
  4. Another very important point to keep in mind when starting your skin care routine is that you eat and sleep well too because without proper diet and sleep it’s very unlikely to get a skin that’s same as when you were a kid.
  5. Last but not the least, always, remember always wear your sunscreen – because nothing damages your skin as bad as harsh sunlight!
Skin Cleansing

With that we have reached the end of this article, we really hope we were helpful in charting down the skin care routine for you!

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